Developer Guide

    This is a component that creates a submit or cancel button rendered as an HTML input element to perform an action within Magentrix.

    The button executes an action defined by a controller, and then either refreshes the current page or navigates to a different page based on the ActionResponse variable that is returned by the action.

    <aspx:CommandButton runat='server' text='Save' action='ContactInsert'/>



    ActionWhat HttpPost action to call on the controller once clicked on.
    CausesValidationTrue/false, default: true. 
    ObtainConfirmationReceives a confirmation form the user before posting the Form back to the server.
    ConfirmationMessageBy default the message is "Are you sure?"; use this property to overwrite the default value.
    TextThe button's label.
    CssClassStyle CSS class of the button, default value is: "btn".
    ShowProgressTrue/False, shows a progress bar dialog while the data is posted back to the server and the browser is waiting for a response.
    ReturnUrlRedirects page to specified URL location after passing the action.
    DefaultReturnUrlRedirects page to specified URL location after passing the action if ReturnUrl attribute and retUrl query parameter is blank.