Developer Guide

    A section of data within a ViewPanel can be standalone. A component can consist of one or two columns each of which spans two cells: one for a field's label, and one for its value. Only certain components can be included inside the <aspx:ViewSection>. Generally, with exception to only two additional components, all components that have names starting with "Field" can only be used inside the ViewSection. These two additional components are:

    <aspx:BlankSpace runat='server' />
    <aspx:SectionItem runat='server' label='Google Map' required='false'>
    ​    <!-- Any HTML Code -->

    FieldFileUpload component also cannot be directly included inside a ViewSection.


    Below is an example of a View Section for some Contact fields, plus input field for uploading Contact picture:

    <aspx:ViewSection runat='server' title='Contact Information' columns='two' labelPosition='top'>
       <aspx:Field runat='server' value='{!Model.Firstname}'/>
       <aspx:Field runat='server' value='{!Model.Lastname}'/>  
       <aspx:Field runat='server' value='{!Model.Email}'/>
       <aspx:SectionItem runat='server' label='Picture'>
         <aspx:FieldFileUpload runat='server' id='contactPicture'/>



    TitleThe title that will be shown in the header.
    ColumnsWhether the section will be 1 or 2 columns. Values are "One" and "Two".
    ShowHeaderBoolean used to display the title or hide it. 
    LabelPositionDetermines where the location of the label will be displayed. Values are "Top" and "Left".
    TabOrderLeftToRight or TopDown.
    CollapsibleWhether or not the user can collapse the section (collapsing a section hides the section body and only shows the header of the section).
    VisibleTrue/false whether or not the section is visible.