Developer Guide
Database Options

    Database Options are flags that control how the Database operations should be performed.


    In Magentrix Database operations, each item is committed to the database as a separate transaction. This setting allows a call to roll back all changes unless all records are processed successfully. The flag is optional.


    This is a boolean value which tells the database whether or not to bypass the system user record security and perform the operation in system mode.


    In several cases the system automatically sends out email notifications to users, for example in "New User Activation" or "Password Reset". TriggerUserEmail is boolean value that is set to true by default. If you wish not to send these automated messages to users while you are performing custom operations, use this flag to turn off the behavior.


    This option is only used with an Upsert call. Using this option you can upsert by fields other than "Id".  For example, you may set the value of this option to "Email" on "Contact" object. The system will first try to find the contact by email. If found, the contact will be updated. If not found, a new contact record will be created in your Magentrix database.