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About Magentrix Modules


    Magentrix is a flexible platform that can be used to create customized applications. However, not everything needs to be constructed from the ground up since Magentrix comes equipped with modules - robust, out-of-the-box applications that supplement the core Magentrix platform. These modules offer additional and optional features that can be integrated into your business solutions as you see fit.

    The following modules are currently available for use in the Magentrix platform:


    The Articles module manages Articles, which are long-form text documents in blog format.

    Documents Library

    The Documents Library module stores and manages files uploaded to the portal.

    Mingel Social Collaboration

    The Mingel Social Collaboration module works with many aspects of the Magentrix platform to allow users to interact and collaborate in the portal.

    Community Forums

    The Community Forum module serves as a discussion board where portal users can ask questions or collaborate on subjects of interest.


    The Ideas module is a platform that allows portal users to share, review, and collaborate on ideas, suggestions, and feedback.


    The Playbooks module allows easy access to a collection of different assets from the documents library, article module, and training module within a single location.


    The Marketplace module allows partner listings to be showcased to users. Users can browse and filter the marketplace and directly request the product or service.

    Upcoming Events

    The Upcoming Events module allows event and details to be shared.

    Reports and Dashboards

    The Reports and Dashboards module allows users to generate tabular data and statistical graphics based on Entities within a portal.


    The Wiki module is a content management system that is used to create and maintain content for users.


    The Groups module allows users to create and join various communities. Group members can communicate, share, and collaborate amongst each other.


    The Magentrix Training Module, also referred to as the Learning Management System (LMS), can be used to create courses, lessons, and quizzes. Users can access these training materials on demand in a user-friendly interface.


    The MDF Module allows partners to request marketing development funds and list campaign expenses. Channel managers can track and accept or reject requests. The MDF process is customizable to fit the organization's workflow.


    The Help Module is used in the Magentrix portal to provide users with help documentation in-context. The Help Module is fully integrated and is accessible to users by an inline button. The button redirects users to a specific help article pertaining to the page the user was on previously.


    The FAQ module allows administrators to create Frequently Asked Questions pages with ‘question and answer’ pairings. Viewers can quickly find answers to commonly asked questions.

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