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About Entity Buttons and Actions


    Entity buttons and actions (both terms are interchangeable within the Magentrix platform) are user interface elements that can be clicked to perform an action.

    Standard Buttons

    Standard buttons for common universal actions — Create, Edit, Clone, and Delete — are available and added to Entities by default. These buttons can be modified if administrators want to edit the action it performs.

    Custom Buttons

    In addition to the standard buttons, administrators can also create custom buttons for Entities. Custom buttons can be configured with customized and dynamic URLs using Merge Fields to direct users to a specific page. Custom buttons can also be configured with JavaScript to perform a unique and specific action. There are two types of custom buttons:

    Detail Page Buttons
    These Detail Page buttons are available and can be used on Entity record pages. Detail Page buttons can be added to Entity Detail Pages through the Layout Designer.
    List Buttons
    These buttons are available and can be used on the Entity Level rather than specific Entity records (i.e. in Related Lists). List buttons can also be reused in Active Pages.



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