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About Company Preferences


    Company Preferences are the general settings of your portal that manage how the portal appears and how users access the portal. The following Company Preferences settings allow you to change different aspects of the portal:

    • Company Information: Specifies contact (e.g. mailing address, phone, email) and operational (e.g. locale and fiscal year) information for the organization.
    • System Settings: Configures the appearance of the portal and portal email settings.
    • Security Settings: Configures portal encryption and user password requirements.
    • Members Settings: Configures the user sign-up process and the site's Terms & Conditions.
    • Collaboration: Enables Social Collaboration module features for the portal.

    User and Feature Licenses

    The User Licenses and Feature Licenses tables appear at the bottom of the Company Preferences page. The User Licenses table indicates the types of user licenses allotted to and used by the portal. The Feature Licenses Table indicates the feature licenses allotted to and used by the portal.



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