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About the Mingel Social Collaboration Module


    The Mingel Social Collaboration module works with many aspects of the Magentrix platform to allow users to interact and collaborate in the portal. With this module enabled, users can share and draw attention to specific files or Entities. The Mingel Collaboration features provided in the Magentrix platform can also be used to improve the flow of communication between users. A green inbox button will appear in the bottom right corner of pages for which social collaboration is possible.

    Home Newsfeed

    When Social Collaboration is enabled, the Newsfeed is added to the Home Tab. The Newsfeed displays recent user activities in the Social Collaboration module. If the user is following an entity record, the Newsfeed will also show any comments made on the record.

    Social Profile and People Directory

    Users can create a Social Profile, a page featuring a user's activity with the Social Collaboration module. A user's comments, favorites, and other activities appear on their Social Profile. Social Profiles can be customized to include a photo of and information about a user. The People Directory is a list of all users' Social Profiles.

    Social Collaboration Posts and Comments

    Users can make posts on their Social Profile, and comments on Document Library files or other entity records. Users can set their comments to be readable by only the object owner, all internal users, or everyone who has access if it is shared publicly. Comments have the following interactive features:

    • Like: Support a comment.
    • Favorite: Save a comment. Users can view Favorite comments from their Social profile.
    • @username: Mention another user in a comment.

    Social Collaboration with the Documents Library Module

    Users can comment on Documents Library files. Social Collaboration with the Documents Library has the following features:

    • Like: Support a document.
    • Follow: Receive updates whenever the file is commented on.
    • Statistics: See information regarding the number of times the file has been viewed, downloaded, liked, and commented on.

    Video for Mingel Social Collaboration:


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