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Documents Library Checklist


    Before users can use the Documents Library, the module must first be configured. See Setting Up Modules before proceeding.

    • Creating Folders in the Documents Library

      Any files hosted in the Documents Library module must be placed in a folder. Create folders to organize files. Folders can also be nested within other folders.

    • Sharing Folders in the Documents Library

      By default, folders are restricted to the owner and administrators. The owner or an administrator must share a folder to provide other users access to it.

    • Configuring Documents Library Folder Settings

      Administrators can restrict security roles to only upload specified file types in the Documents Library. Administrators can also restrict their ability to follow folders and to create folders in the root folder.

    • Uploading Files in the Documents Library

      Users can upload any type of file into a folder. Links to YouTube or Vimeo videos can also be hosted as files in the Documents Library. After uploading a file or linking a video, users can view these files on the portal or reference them in templates and APIs.

    • Publish Files Publicly in the Documents Library

      Users can share files with non-portal users (i.e. public users that are not logged in) by enabling Read permissions for the Everyone/Guest User role, sharing the Documents Library parent folder to all users, and making the file publicly available.

    • Managing Files and Folders in the Documents Library

      Edit, move, or delete files and folders. Users can also replace and update files without changing its settings.

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