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About Magentrix Automations


    The Magentrix platform allows administrators to automate their workflow through the use of Automations — procedures automatically performed by the portal.

    Automations initiate procedures based on two types of Criteria:

    • Evaluation Criteria: Determines when the system evaluates a Magentrix Entity or Salesforce Object. Entities and Objects can be evaluated at record creation, update, and/or deletion.
    • Rule Criteria: Determines what the Entity is being evaluated for. Rule Criteria can be configured to function according to Filters (i.e. evaluate fields based on operators and values) or a Formula (i.e. evaluate single formula for true or false).

    After both criteria are triggered, the portal performs specified Automation Tasks.

    Email Tasks and Templates

    Email Tasks are Automations that send Email Templates to specified users.

    Group Member Tasks

    Group Member Tasks are Automations that adds a user to a Collaboration Group. Users can communicate, share, and collaborate amongst each other.

    Follow Tasks

    Follow Tasks are Automations that subscribes select users or security roles to an entitiy's feed. Users will be sent notifications for events or activities on the selected entity.

    Feed/Message Tasks

    Feed/Message Tasks are Automations that either posts a message on a record or Group, or directly messages a user.

    Activity Tasks

    Activity Tasks are Automations that create and assign tasks to a user. Task properties such as the Due Date, Status, and Priority can be configured by administrators.


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