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Magentrix Entity Checklist


    • Creating And Editing Entities

      Administrators can create and edit Entities that will record data in database tables.

    • Adding and Editing Fields for Entities

      Upon creation, Entities have a standard set of fields. Administrators can further customize Entities by adding additional fields.

    • Configuring Entity Permissions

      Administrators can configure read, create, edit, and delete permissions for entities to security roles.

    • Configuring Field Security For Entities

      Administrators can configure Field Security to restrict specified fields for certain security roles.

    • Entity List Layouts

      Administrators can create types of layouts for Entity Lists in Magentrix that lets users view and access records differently.

    • About Record Types

      Record types allow administrators to classify Entity records. With different record types, administrators can separate record data when creating Reports.

    • Enabling Field Search for Entities

      Administrators can configure other fields to also be searchable.

    • Enabling and Configuring Lookup Field Filters

      The Lookup field type allows users to populate a field with record values from another Entity. For example, Lookup Field X in Entity A can select values from Field Y in Entity B. Users can specify and limit the record values that can be selected with Lookup filters.

    • Configuring Entity Validation Rules

      Administrators can configure validation rules to ensure information entered into fields are correctly formatted. A validation rule contains a formula that the entered information is tested against. If the formula results with a 'true' value, a validation error message will appear.

    • Enabling Sharing Filters

      Global filters are a security measure that allow you to restrict which Entity records users with specified security roles can view.