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Entity List Layouts


    There are several different types of layouts for Entity Lists in Magentrix that enable you to view and access records differently.

    Entity Home

    When you create a tab for an entity, this is the default list layout users will see when they click on the tab.

    List Views

    From the Entity Home page, portal users can create custom List Views to filter Entity Records. This List Layout will be used as a default setting for all new List Views as well as allowing you to decide which buttons are shown in all List Views. 

    Lookup Dialog

    A Lookup Dialog appears when users click on a Lookup button. It provides a list of records the user can select to populate a Lookup Field.

    Related List

    In the Layout Designer, you can drag and drop Related Lists onto a layout that appears as tabs at the bottom of the page.

    Mini Layout/Card

    A Mini Layout or Card is a snapshot of a record that pops up when users hover over a Lookup link.



    To create and edit list layouts, users must have the following permissions:

    • Administrator System Role


    1. In the Setup Home page:
      • If you want to design a layout for a Magentrix Entity, click Create > Entities.
      • If you want to design a layout for a Salesforce integrated Entity, click Extend > Salesforce.
    2. Click on the Entity for which you want to create a List Layout.
    3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the List Layouts tab.
    4. To create a new List Layout, press New. To edit an existing List Layout, click the Downward Action Arrow and click Edit.
    5. In the Information pane:
      1. If you are creating a new List Layout, select the type of Layout you wish to create in the Layout picklist.
      2. Select the columns you want in the List View. You can choose which columns appear and the order in which they appear.
      3. In the Sort By dropdown list, select a column to sort the List View.
      4. In the Sort Direction dropdown list, select Ascending or Descending.
    6. In the Buttons & Actions pane, select the Buttons and Actions to include in the layout.
    7. Click Save.

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