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Article Type Subscriptions


    Administrators can select whether users can subscribe to the posts within an article type. This feature allows users to sign up for updates on subjects they are interested in your community and select how often they receive notifications. Administrators can also assign subscriptions to users and groups of users who have access to the Article Type. The public subscription function allows unauthenticated users to receive updates on new posts that are public on the web.


    To enable article type subscriptions, users must have the following permissions:

    • Administrator System Role


    1. In the Setup Home page, click Create > Articles.
    2. Click the Article Type for which you want to offer an email subscription.
    3. Click the Settings Tab.
    4. In the Subscribers pane, select how you would like to track subscribers. If Tracking is enabled, Subscribers will be notified of new posts, and optionally comments, via email.
      • Do not track Subscribers
        Select this option if you do not wish to enable Subscription.
      • All users who explicitly subscribe
        Select this option for new users to opt-in themselves as a subscriber by clicking on the “Subscribe” button.
      • All users with access are considered as Subscribers
        Select this option to default all users with access to the Article Type as subscribers with the option to “Unsubscribe”.



    An administrator can edit the subscription and notification details of each explicitly subscribed user: Status, Notification Frequency, Type.

    1. In the Setup Home page, click Create > Articles.
    2. Click the Article Type with the email subscription you want to edit.
    3. Click the Subscribers Tab.
      The Subscribers Tab displays a list of the article type subscribers.

      If you have selected “All users with access are considered as subscribers”, a notification box will display the total of all the subscribers you selected for this article type.
      The List of subscribers displays all the users explicitly signed up for notifications on new posts and comments.

    4. Click Edit on any of the listed subscribers
    5. Status: You may select and update the subscription status.
      Pending: When a guest user’s email is not yet verified.
      Subscribed: User will receive notifications depending on their preference.
      Unsubscribed: A user is unsubscribed from an article type they will not receive any further notifications.
    6. Notification Frequency: Select the frequency that subscribers will be sent an email.
    7. Type: Users can select their notification type when signing up for the subscription. Administrators can edit this preference.
    8. Click Save.

    To Unsubscribe: At the bottom of each notification email, there is an unsubscribe link which would unsubscribe the user without any login required.

    Users can also change Notification Preferences from the My Settings page.

    1. In the My Settings page, click the Email Notifications Tabs.
    2. Click Articles.
    3. Under each article type, you may select your notification frequency preference.
    Note*: Post owners can only unsubscribe from My Settings.

    Public Subscription

    When an Article Type is shared publicly on the web (where sign-in is not required) and Track subscriptions are enabled, guest users can subscribe to an Article Type without a login.

    1. A dialog requests the guest user to enter their email address to subscribe.
    2. The system would send the user an email to verify their email address.
    3. A secure link will be provided within the email message which the user can click on and verify their email.
    4. After they subscribe they will receive notifications based on their preferences. They can unsubscribe at any time using the Unsubscribe link on all future notifications.
    *Note: Until the guest user clicks the link and verifies their email address, they will appear as pending and will not receive any notifications. Once a user has verified their email they will appear as Subscribed.

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