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About the Upcoming Events Module


    The Upcoming Events module is used to give details on future events and allow guests to register. Managers can make posts with event details including descriptions, location, time & date, and registration information. Events can be placed into categories such as partners, events, or internal company events and lets users to easily view the different types of events. Sharing permissions are fully customizable and allow events to be viewed publicly, or only to select users and user roles. Upcoming events can also be exported to external calendar clients such as Outlook, Google, and Apple Calendars.

    Once Upcoming Events have passed, they will be automatically removed and hidden from the main page.

    *Note: Users with an Upcoming Events direct link will still be able to view the event.

    Users can register directly from the event page and fields can be set to automatically be filled using merge fields.

    For the module to be visible to users, it must be set up to be visible on Tabs and Apps. See Setting up Modules.

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