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About the Marketplace Module


    The Marketplace module allows you to further relationships with your partners by allowing you to showcase products from your partners to increase sales and customer retention. Partners can use your marketplace as a sales enablement resource to sell more of their products and services. Using the marketplace module will allow you to focus on supporting your partner sales channels by offering brand visibility.

    Multiple marketplaces can be made where each can be customized to a specific audience. Each marketplace also contains a cover banner where featured listings can be displayed to customers. Listings can be grouped into collections and custom sortings to allow quick viewing and filtering for customers.

    Each listing contains product details, descriptions, product images, and can be configured to have user reviews. Moderators can approve or reject user reviews on listings before they published. An integrated publishing approval process is also available to enable review of vendor listings. Additionally, lead generation processes are included in the marketplace module to allow your partners to generate leads into your CRM and partner portals.

    The Marketplace module also includes analytics that is available for both marketplaces and individual listings. Marketplace managers and partners can generate exportable reports on views, requests, resources engagement, and banners engagement.

    For the module to be visible to users, the Marketplace Vendors Tab and Marketplace Tabs must be set up to be visible on Apps. See Setting up Modules.

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