I can bulk enable users, but can I bulk disable users?

    You can enable new portal users in bulk rather than individually using the Data Importer. It also possible to disable users in bulk.

    A common reason for bulk disabling users is that the limit for portal user licenses has been reached and there are a large number of users who are no longer using the portal (i.e. employees who have left the company).

    Users can be disabled in bulk by exporting user records to a CSV file and using the Data Importer. Note that this must be completed by an Administrator.

    The steps to do this are as follows:

    1. Navigate to Reports and run a User report, ensuring you have the user ID and Active fields included, then export the report to a CSV file.
    2. In the CSV file, remove all the users except the ones you want to disable so it is a list of users who are Active but you want to make inactive. Set the value for the Active field to False for all the records and save the file.
    3. Use the Data Importer to update the users using the CSV file.  The entity you will select for this action is User.

    For more information on the Data Importer, see the Help Documentation.

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