Developer Guide

    This is a HTML input element that renders a group of HTML radio buttons, shows picklist values as radio buttons, and allows the user to have one selection.

    <aspx:FieldRadioPicklist runat='server' value='{!Model.FoodChoice__c}' />

    You can populate the options declaratively:

    <aspx:FieldRadioPicklist runat='server' value='{!Model.FoodChoice__c}'>
        <asp:ListItem text="Pizza" value="1"/>
        <asp:ListItem text="Burger" value="2"/>

    You also load the option from values stored in Model or DataBag:

    <aspx:FieldRadioPicklist runat='server' value='{!Model.FoodChoice__c}' DataSource='<%# DataBag.Foods %>' DataTextField='Name' DataValueField='Id'>