Developer Guide

    This component is a HTML List element.

    <aspx:FieldListbox runat='server' value='{!Model.Status}'/>

    You may populate the values from List of objects stored in Model or DataBag:

    <aspx:aspx:FieldListbox runat='server' value='{!Model.Options}' DataSource='<%#DataBag.Options%>' dataTextField="Name" dataValueField="Id" />


    IdThe ID of the HTML element.
    ValueBind value containing name of the object and the field to bind. You may bind Model or Items from DataBag.
    LabelLabel of the field within the section. 
    RequiredA Boolean value that specifies whether this inputField is a required field. If set to true, the user must specify a value for this field. If not selected, this value defaults to false.
    HintA Text value that is shown to the user on the right side of the input component to assist the user.
    HideLabelA Boolean value that specifies whether this Field's label should be visible or not. If set to false, the input component spans cross the entire row.
    ReadOnlyA Boolean value that specifies whether this Field is read only or editable.
    RowsNumber of visible lines in the Select List.
    EnabledTrue/False; enables or disables the component.