Developer Guide

    An area of a page that uses styling similar to the appearance of a Magentrix detail/edit page, but without any default content.

    Using this component you can create the basic look and feel for Magentrix page for both mobile and classic view.

    <aspx:ViewPanel runat='server' title='Contact Edit'>
         <!-- panel's actions -->
        <!-- panel's body content -->

    The component's attributes are:

    1. Title

    2. Mode { Detail, Edit, List (default), Wizard, RelatedList }

    3. ButtonsLocation { Top, Bottom, Both (default) }

    ​The component's areas are:

    1. Body [the body of the panel]

    2. Action [include main action into this area]

    3. SecondaryActions [include all other action links and buttons into this area]

    4. ReturnAction [include return link or "cancel" button in this area]

    5. HelpSection [an area shown on the top-right corner of the panel]

    6. Header [an header on the top of the panel]

    7. RelatedLists [an area on the bottom of the panel where related list tabs are shown]