Developer Guide

    This provides a title bar for a page. In a standard Magentrix view, the title bar is a colored header with customized icons displayed directly under the tab bar.

    <aspx:ViewHeader runat="server" title="Contact" subtitle="Edit" />



    TitleThe title that will be shown in the header, used to show which area the user is in, such as the label of the Entity (Contact or Account).
    SubtitleSubtitle of the Header component, used to show what operation the user is performing on the page, such as "Edit" or "Create".
    DescriptionAn area at the bottom of the Header component that allows you to provide more description about the page.
    HelpUrlA link to a page where the user can get help about the page they are on. The link will be opened in a popup window.
    VisibleTrue/false; determines whether or not the component is visible.