Developer Guide
Deleting Records

    The Delete operation removes one or more records from the Database and moves them to the Recycle Bin. The method accepts one record or more than one record which supports both Lists and Arrays.

    List<Account> accts = Database.Query<Account>().Where(a=>a.Status__c=="Invalid").ToList();


    Permanent Delete

    The Delete method always moves the deleted native record to Magentrix Recycle Bin. If it is required for the record to be permanently deleted, set the PermanentDelete flag.

    Note: Please exercise caution as this flag removes the record permanently and the records deleted can no longer be restored using the Recycle Bin.

    An example of performing a permanent delete:

    Delete(accts, new { PermanentDelete=true });


    Processing in System Mode

    The ​Magentrix for Database operation validates the user's access and verifies that the user has the "create" or "update" permission as necessary. However, in some scenarios the database operation should take place regardless of the user's permission. In such cases, use the SystemMode flag.

    Delete(accts, new { SystemMode=true });


    Transactional Commit

    If you wish all records to be commited together or rolled back in case of an error, set the AllOrNone flag to true. This flag by default is false.

    Delete(accts, new { AllOrNone=true });

    See Database Options for more details.