Developer Guide
Getting Started - Customizing Site Theme

    You can customize the Magentrix Site theme, look and feel and typography using various built-in tools and utilities as described below.

    1. Using standard themes, you can choose one of the offered standard themes either by accessing "Magentrix Site Designer" or changing the settings via "System Preferences" in the "Setup" area.
    2. Using a custom theme allows you to design a custom header and footer for your site. Custom headers and footers are developed in the system as Magentrix Active Templates, which allow you to create partial HTML contents as a dynamic header and footer. You need to use Magentrix standard components within the header and footer to include navigation tabs, logo, user links, footer links, etc.
    Note: The Portal logo, the favicon and the portal mobile default icon are managed via "System Preferences" and are outside of the custom skin, which allow the administrator to update them at any time.


    Mobile and Classical Devices

    Magentrix is committed to the idea of building once to deploy to all devices. As a result, Magentrix uses jQuery UI and Mobile as its main platform for browser related control and handling. Using Bootstrap also allows for response design.

    This section consists of: