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About Magentrix Security Roles


    User access to different areas in the portal is controlled through Security Roles. A Security Role contains permissions and access settings that determine what users can see and do within the portal.

    Security Roles manage user access at two levels: Entity and Field Security. To access an Entity or its associated modules, users must have a Security Role with the appropriate Read, Create, Edit, and Delete permissions for that Entity. By default, giving a user access to an Entity allows them to view or interact with all fields of the Entity. At the Field Security level, administrators can restrict access to specific fields within an Entity to further customize user access. For more information regarding Entities, see About Magentrix Entities.

    Security Role Types

    • Employee

      Roles of this type can only to be applied to users configured as an Employee user. This Role type can access records within the organization and the security is controlled based on the organizational hierarchy and the record sharing model. For more information regarding internal security hierarchy, see About Manager Hierarchy.

    • Partner & Customer

      Roles of this type can only be applied to users configured as a Partner or Customer user. This Role type allows administrators to control record security based on Accounts and Contacts. A hierarchy of Account records can establish an external organizational hierarchy that defines what records the role can access. For more information regarding external security hierarchy, see Understanding Security for External Users.

    System Roles

    System roles are the two default security roles provided by Magentrix.

    • Administrator

      This security role has the highest privileges within the system and is used by portal owners to configure, customize, and maintain the portal. By default, the 'Administrator' Role has Read, Create, Edit, and Delete permissions for all components and modules within the portal. Some components of the portal (e.g. the portal design and layout, portal settings) can only be configured if you are an Administrator. Magentrix recommends that you limit the amount of users assigned to this Role to avoid providing full access to unauthorized users.

    • Guest User

      Guest Users are public visitors that are not logged into the portal with an user account. If Entities or modules are viewable by Guest Users, this Security Role determines what level of access they have to them. Only specific Entities and modules (e.g. the Articles module) can be accessed by Guest Users.





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