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Understanding Security for External Users

    External resources such as Customers, Partners, Volunteers, etc are managed in CRM systems as Accounts and ContactsAccounts represents any organization that your organization is in contact with, and Contacts represents all the types of people that your organization has relationships with.

    Magentrix allows organizations to use the existing data to establish security mechanisms for Portal Users.

    Using the diagram below, you can ensure that Contacts under "Account 1" can see all Cases for the entire hierarchy and Contacts under "Account 2" are permitted to only see the Cases records directly under "Account 2" as well as all child Accounts.

    account hierarchy


    Depending on whether or not an existing hierarchy has been established in your organization, you need to plan for your portal security and how to establish the Account relationships. Many organizations use the Account's Parent field to establish this hierarchy in the following structure:

    1. Level 1 => Main Partners or Distributors
    2. Level 2 => Indirect Partners or Resellers
    3. Level 3 => Partner/Reseller Customers (Headquarter)
    4. Level 4 => Partner/Reseller Customers (Branches)

    The above is just a sample. An organization can have direct customers at Level 1 or create an Account record for their locations and then link direct customers under each location.


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