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About Magentrix Users


    Users are persons or businesses that access the portal through their user accounts. Administrators can create and enable users to allow persons to access the portal.

    The information that can be accessed and the actions that can be taken by users are defined by the security role assigned to that user. User accounts only contain user login credentials and contact information; the user account alone does not give a user access to portal components and modules. For more information regarding security roles and permissions, see About Security Roles.


    Persons that have the Administrator System Role are administrators. Administrators have full access to the portal — by default, the Administrator System Role has Read, Create, Edit, and Delete permissions for all components and modules within the portal. Some components of the portal (e.g. the portal design and layout, portal settings) can only be configured if you are an administrator. Magentrix recommends that you limit the amount of users assigned the Administrator System Role.

    User Activation

    User accounts must be active for users to log in with the account and access the portal. User accounts cannot be deleted, but they can be deactivated. Depending on your Magentrix portal license, you can only have a set number of users active. Once you have reached this limit, you cannot create or enable additional users without disabling existing users or upgrading your license.



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