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Assigning a Custom Domain Name to Your Site


    You can assign a custom domain to your Magentrix instance. In order to use your own custom domain name, you need to create a CNAME entry for your domain name. Your CNAME entry should always point to “<yourinstancename>”.

    Important Note: If you are unfamiliar with updating DNS settings, please review this document with your company's IT department to have the necessary changes applied. If further clarification on this process is required, please send an email to

    Note: It normally takes up to 24 hours for DNS changes to take effect. If you are creating a DNS Setting for your main Magentrix site, after creating the CNAME entry you need to send an email to indicating you would like to associate your main site to a custom domain name.  

    Note: Include the fully qualified domain name of your custom domain in your email. This step is only necessary for your main site; if you are creating a custom domain name for a “Custom Portal” you do not need to send an additional email to support.



                 To assign a Custom Domain Name to your Magentrix Site or your Custom Portal, you need to follow these steps:

    Making DNS Changes for Network Solutions:

    1. Login to your account at
    2. Click Account Manager.
    3. Click Edit DNS.
    4. Click Edit Advanced DNS Records.
    5. Under the title “Host Aliases (CNAME Records)” section, click Edit CNAME Records.
    6. Select an empty row. Enter <yoursubdomain> for “Alias” column, “7200” for TTL, click the radio button for “Other Hosts”, and enter “<yourinstancename> for “Other Hosts” column.
    7. Click Continue at the bottom of the page.
    8. On the Confirmation page, click Save Changes.


    Making DNS Changes for GoDaddy:

    1. Log in to your account at
    2. Click on your name and then click Manage Domains.
    3. Click the "..." button next to your domain name and select Manage DNS.
    4. Under the Records section, click ADD. In the Type menu, select CNAME. If you have already created a CNAME record for "<yoursubdomain>", click the pencil icon next to the existing CNAME record.
    5. In the Host field, enter "<yoursubdomain>".
    6. In the Points field, enter "<yourinstancename>".
    7. Specify a TTL or use the default setting of 1 hour.
    8. Click Save.



    To obtain an SSL certificate for your Magentrix portal, please contact our Support team via emailing and provide the following information:

    1. Common Name or a Fully Qualified Domain Name (e.g.
    2. Organization Name
    3. Organizational Unit
    4. City
    5. State / Province
    6. Country

    Magentrix will then generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and send it to you via email. You can submit this CSR to a trusted third party Certificate Authority, where your application’s information will be verified.

    Once confirmed, your site will be issued a digital SSL certification. If you are given an option for which format of certificate you are provided with, please choose the IIS format. As of January 2018, our current IIS version is 8.5.

    After this is completed, please send the files to our Support team via email at for installation.


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