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Enabling User Self-Registration


    Administrators can allow visitors to the portal to register themselves as users. Enabling self-registration allows visitors to create their own user accounts rather than having to wait for administrators to add them to the portal. Depending on portal settings, self-registration can create a new Contact record or associate the created user with an existing Contact record.


    To enable user self-registration, users must be assigned a security role with the following permissions:

    • Administrator System Role


    1. In the Setup Home page, click Manage > Company Preferences.
    2. Click Edit.
    3. Select the Members Settings tab.
    4. In the Application Self-Registration Settings pane, configure the following settings:
      • Allow Self-Registration

        If you want to allow portal visitors to register themselves as users, check this option.

      • Default Role

        Select the security role that is given by default to users that register themselves.

      • Reuse Contacts by Email

        If you want a user to be automatically associated to a Contact record upon creation, check this option. If the user's email matches an existing Contact record, the user is associated to that record. If the user's email does not match an existing Contact record, a new record is created.

      • Enable Captcha

        If you want visitors to complete a CAPTCHA word verification test before their user account is created, check this option.

      • Bucket Account ID

        Enter an account ID that is assigned to visitors when they register themselves.

      • Custom Sign Up Page

        If you want to use an Active Page as a custom sign up page, select the Active Page in this field.

      • Custom Login Page

        If you want to use an Active Page as a custom login page, select the Active Page in this field.

    5. In the Site Terms & Conditions pane, configure the following settings:
      • User must accept Terms & Conditions

        If you want users to accept the portal Terms & Conditions to register, check this option.

      • Terms & Conditions and Privacy

        Administrators can choose to use the built-in Terms & Conditions or Privacy Page provided by the Magentrix platform, use a custom Active Page created and hosted within the Magentrix platform, or provide a link to their own Terms & Conditions or Privacy Page hosted on an external site.

    6. Click Save.


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