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About Entity Page Layouts


    When viewing an Entity record, the arrangement of fields is determined by the Entity layout. Layouts can be configured to show or hide specific fields and can feature customized HTML or Javascript features.

    Entity Detail and Form Layouts

    Entity Detail page layouts determine how an Entity is displayed when it is viewed. This is the general display that appears when the Entity is accessed through a Tab.

    Form page layouts are similar to Entity Detail layouts but can be used in two different ways. Firstly, developers can use Form page layouts to customize Active Page layouts. Secondly, Form page layouts can be used to create forms that users can fill and submit. A success message can be configured to be sent after the form submission and administrators can choose where users will be redirected after the submission.

    Layout Designer

    The Layout Designer is a feature-rich What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) tool that provides the ability to change the display of Entities within Magentrix Platform using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

    The Layout Designer consists of the following sections:

    1. Basic Toolbar

      Commands to save, modify, clone, or close the Layout Designer.

    2. Left Palette Sidebar

      Contains the palette of elements that you can drag and drop to the page layout. The palette types included are:

      • Fields: Features all of the Entity Fields which can be added to the page layout. By default, all required Fields (denoted by a red asterisk in the Layout Designer) are added by default; required Fields cannot be removed but they can be hidden. All other features must be added to the page layout from this palette.
      • Elements: Users can insert Sections and Blank Spaces to arrange the general spacing of the page layout. Users can also add customized HTML, Javascript, and Active Template elements to the page layout.
      • Buttons: Customized buttons can be inserted from this palette. See About Buttons. Not available for Form layouts.
      • Related Lists: Preset lists can be added to the page layout. These elements can be used to add or attach additional information to the Entity. Not available for Form layouts.
    3. Design Pane

      This section is where you can drop items from palettes to build the page layout. After items have been added to this pane, users can further customize the item by hovering over it and clicking the Settings button (denoted with a wrench icon).

    Screenshot of the Layout Designer


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