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Configuring User Accounts


    Administrators can configure user accounts to change their username and security role, to include contact information, to associate the account with a Contact, to assign a manager, or to specify their locale settings.


    To configure user accounts other than their own, users must be assigned a security role with the following permissions:

    • Administrator System Role


    1. Navigate to the user account page:
      • If you are an administrator, navigate to the Setup Home page and then click Security > Manage Users. Click the user you want to configure and then click Edit.
      • If you are configuring your own user account, navigate to the My Settings page and then click Personal Information.
    2. In the User Information pane (**Note: If you are using internal-only accounts, you need to edit through the Contacts pane), configure the following fields:
      • First Name and Last Name: Enter the user's name.
      • Role: Select a security role for this user. See About Magentrix Security Roles for more information.
      • Active: Check this option if you want the user account to be active.
      • Title: Enter the user's title (Miss, Ms., Mrs., Mr., etc.)
      • Alias: Enter a name that appears on the user's Social Profile if their Social Profile is private.
      • Email: Enter the user's email address. This email will receive messages and notifications sent to this user account.
      • Username: Enter a name that the user will use to log in to the portal.
      • Phone and Mobile Phone: Enter the user's phone numbers.
      • Agreed with Terms & Conditions: This option becomes checked when the user accepts the portal Terms & Conditions during registration.
      • Account: Select an external user account to associate with this user. External user accounts exist outside of the Magentrix platform (e.g. Salesforce user accounts).
      • Manager: Enter the user’s manager name or click the magnifying glass icon to search for a Manager. For more information on Managers, see About Manager Hierarchy for Internal Security.
      • Contact: Select a Contact record to associate with this user.
      • Country: Enter the country of the user's address.
      • Street: Enter the street name of the user's address.
      • Postal Code: Enter the postal code of the user's address.
      • Organization Name: Enter the name of the user's organization. 
    3. In the Locale Settings pane, configure the following fields:
      • Language: Select the user's portal language. This field determines the portal language for the user.
      • Currency: Select the user's currency. 
      • Locale: Select the user's locale. This field specifies the region's formatting for time, date, and numerals.
      • Timezone: Select the user's timezone.
    4. Click Save.



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