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Configuring System Settings


    System Settings configures the appearance of the portal and portal email settings.


    To configure System Settings, users must be assigned a security role with the following permissions:

    • Administrator System Role


    1. In the Setup Home page, click Manage > Company Preferences.
    2. Click Edit.
    3. Select the System Settings tab. Configure the following fields and then click Save.


    This section defines the appearance of your Magentrix portal. You can choose from one of our pre-existing themes or you can design a brand new skin to match your corporate website. In order to design a custom theme for your organization, you must select Custom as your preferred Theme. For more information on how to design a custom theme, refer to our Developer's Guide.

    • Preferred Theme: Select a pre-existing theme or a custom theme.
    • Site Header: Select a custom template for your portal header.
    • Site Footer: Select a custom template for your portal footer.
    • Theme Color: Select a theme color.
    • Application Home Page: Select the default landing page. If left blank, the login page is used as the home page.

    Application General Settings

    This section allows you to customize branding and mobile access to your portal.

    • Application Name: Enter your portal's name.
    • Copyright Statement: Enter the copyright statement that will appear at the bottom of the page.
    • Application Page Title: Enter the statement that will be appended to page names in the browser title meta-tag
    • Application Fav Icon: Select an image file for the icon that will be shown on browser tabs for your portal.
    • Default Logo: Select an image file for the portal logo.
    • Print Logo: Select an image file for the print/email mode logo.
    • Default Icon: Select an image file for the portal icon.
    • Mobile Layout Enabled: If you want to enable mobile mode for your portal, check this option.
    • Show Powered By: If you want to display the text "Powered By Magentrix" on your portal, check this option.
    • Google Analytics Tracking Code: Enter your Google Analytics Code here to enable tracking on your portal. For more information, see Enabling Google Analytics.


    This section allows you to optimize your portal for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

    • Default Keywords (Meta-Tag): Provide keywords to SEO's to index your Magentrix portal.
    • Default Description (Meta-Tag): Provide a description to SEO's for your Magentrix portal.
    • Robots.txt File: Select a robots.txt file to control how web robots (e.g. crawlers) index your Magentrix portal.

    Under the Hood

    This section is meant to give control to administrators if they need to troubleshoot issues.

    • Log Level: Select the granularity of logs created when users browse your instance.
    • Enable Debug Mode: If you want to receive more visual information for logs, check this option.

    Email Settings

    This section configures the email account used by the portal to send automated emails (e.g. registration confirmation messages, password reset requests). For more information, see Setting up Your Portal Email.

    • Send Emails From:
      Note: If you choose to use a custom email you will need access to the inbox, as it will receive a verification email with instructions to verify the address for use with our servers.
      • Click Change Email Settings link to enter the email address from which the portal sends automated email responses.
      • Upon clicking Verify, ensure to leave the portal webpage open and access the inbox for that address. Follow the instructions in the verification email received, then return to the portal and click Change 'From' Email.

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