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Managing Entity Page Layouts in the Layout Designer


    Administrators can use the Layout Designer to design and structure an Entity layout.


    To create Entity layouts, users must be assigned a security role with the following permissions:

    • Administrator System Role


    1. In the Setup Home page:
      • If you want to design a layout for a Magentrix Entity, click Create > Entities.
      • If you want to design a layout for a Salesforce integrated Entity, click Extend > Salesforce.
    2. Search for and click the Entity you want to design with the Layout Designer.
    3. Select the Page Layouts tab
      • If you want to create a new page layout, click New.
        Complete the provided fields:
        • Name

          Enter a name for the layout.

        • Buttons Location

          Select where buttons appear on the layout.

        • Type

          If you want to design the standard Entity page layout, select Entity Detail. If you want to design a form layout, select Form.

        • If you have selected Page Layout, select the buttons location and if the layout will be the default layout.
        • Click Save.
      • If you want to edit an existing page layout, select the page layout.
    4. Edit the layout by dragging elements to the Design Pane.
    5. Page sections will automatically be set to open when the page is opened, but they can be configured to closed. To do so, click on the wrench button beside the section you desire to be closed.
    6. In the window that appears, check Section closed on Detail Page.
    7. Click Ok.
    8. If you have selected Form Layout, click Properties. Make changes to the layout properties.
      • Label Position: Select the positions of the form labels.
      • Success Message: Enter a message that will appear after the user submits the form.
      • Success Action: Select where the user will be redirected after submitting the form.
      • When you are finished, click Ok.
    9. If you have selected Form Layout, click Get Form Link to view the form's URL link. Links can be used to direct a user to the form. E.g. Buttons, Link Tabs.
    10. Click Save.

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