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About the Ideas Module


    The Ideas Module is a platform that allows portal users to share, review, and collaborate on ideas. Users can post, read, and vote on ideas within the Ideas module. Administrators can choose to review specific ideas and mark ideas for future consideration or delivery.

    Idea Categories

    Idea Categories are organizational tags that can be placed on ideas for easier navigation and grouping of ideas. Idea Categories can be created and applied to idea posts. An idea post may belong to more than one Idea Category or none at all.

    Idea Review Status

    Idea Review Status is a field viewable on an idea post that indicates whether the idea has been reviewed by administrators. Administrators can use the Idea Review Status field to indicate the following:

    • Not Reviewed: the idea post has not yet been reviewed.
    • Under Consideration: the idea post has been reviewed, but no decision has been made about delivery.
    • Not Planned: the idea post has been reviewed, but will not be delivered.
    • Planned for Delivery: the idea post has been reviewed and will be delivered.
    • Delivered: the idea post has been reviewed and delivered.



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