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Collaborating on Ideas


    Collaborate on ideas to support or offer your opinion on the idea. Users can vote on ideas to agree or disagree with the poster, comment on ideas to offer their own opinions or suggestions, or report ideas that are inappropriate.


    To collaborate on ideas, users must be assigned a security role with the following permissions:

    • All Entities, Idea: Read
    • All Entities: Idea: Create
    • Tab Settings, Ideas: On
    • App Settings: App with the Ideas Tab must be Visible


    1. In the Ideas Tab, select the idea post you want to collaborate on.
    2. You can perform one or more of the following actions:
      • If you want to vote on an idea:
        In the left of the Idea Details pane, click on the Thumbs Up button to vote for or Thumbs Down button to vote against the idea. Votes are permanent; after voting, a user cannot change or remove their vote.
      • If you want to comment on an idea:
        In the Add Your Comment editor, enter your comment and then click Add Your Comment. Users can delete their own comments.
      • If you want to report an idea or comment:
        In the Idea Details or Comments pane, click Report. In the Abuse Report window that appears, enter an explanation of the abuse and then click Report Abuse.

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