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About the Articles Module


    *Note: A single Article will be referred to as a Post.

    The Articles module manages Posts, which are long-form text documents that authors can publish and share publicly or to specific groups of users such as employees, customers partners, support agents and even website visitors. The built in post management and classification features allow authors to create a wide array of text documents to suit the specific needs of their organization.

    Knowledge Base

    The Articles Module can be used to host multiple types of knowledge bases or FAQs. Users can easily search for specific information related to know-how, commonly asked questions, concerns, etc. For example, a technical knowledge base can provide customers with quick access to self serve support, or an HR department may post employee benefits information that addresses common inquiries. The Articles Module can also be configured to streamline employee on-boarding and support sales enablement.


    Using the Articles Module, a variety of blog styles that are accessible to a particular community of users can be created. Everything from a company blog featuring updates, initiatives, and expert opinions to an internal or micro blog authored by experts within the company can be configured to share information and perspective.


    The Articles Module can facilitate announcements to all levels of a company. Communications can be shared with a team, department or even across the whole company. Project briefings, new hire welcomes, new product debuts and any other announcement types you might have can be easily pushed to the appropriate audience.

    Case Studies, Press Releases, Event Listings and more...

    By using the Articles Module a company can highlight customer successes, announce upcoming events and share press releases easily. We use the Articles Module to organize and distribute our case studies. See one way we use the articles module here.

    The Articles module is a powerful content creation and management solution that can be used to author beautiful and effective written pieces for your community. First, ensure everything published in your community is accurate and on-brand by configuring a post-approval process. Then, connect with your audience by consistently sharing quality communications securely and with ease. Finally, gain valuable insight into the performance of your content with built-in reporting that shows which articles are most popular and more.

    You can use the Articles Module to foster a culture of subject matter experts. Empower your team and support your employees with controlled access to a wide range of intelligence and experience. Leverage self-service information to reduce email requests and share company information easily with the people who need it on-demand - employees, partners, clients, and even website visitors.

    The Articles module also helps you facilitate transparency and community engagement. Position yourself as an industry leader by sharing information with your stakeholders. Distribute your knowledge easily with the built-in subscription services and RSS capabilities. Then, calibrate your messaging based on valuable feedback from your community through comments and ratings. Support a strong, collaborative, information-rich community easily with the Articles Module.

    The Articles Module offers a rich set of features and options. The following documentation provides more detail so you can decide which ones are right for your situation.

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