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Managing Post Comments


    Administrators and authorized users can moderate the comments submitted on Posts. Enabling this feature of the Articles Module can provide valuable feedback from your community through comments and engagement. Comments can be published, edited, deleted, or marked as spam. Administrators or selected users can receive notifications and moderate comments with ease to avoid spam and foster meaningful discussions on their Article Posts.

    See Creating Article Types for more information on enabling post comments.


    To enable and moderate Post Comments, users must have one of the following user permissions:

    • Administrator System Role
    • Post Author
    • Article Type Publisher Access


    There are two ways administrators and authorized users can moderate comments on posts in the articles module:

    If Comment Moderation is enabled: every time a user leaves a comment on a post, the moderator(s) will receive an email with an option for the user to approve or mark the Comment as Spam.

    1. In the Post Editor, select the Comments Tab.
      Once a user submits a comment on the post, it will display in this tab with the status Submitted.
    2. An administrator or authorized user can view, edit, or delete any comment on the post. The status of a comment can also be changed to visible (Published) or hidden (Spam) on the community.
      • Spam: Prevent the comment from appearing
      • Published: Display the comment

    If Comment Moderation is not enabled: comments will auto publish. They can then be marked as spam after by an administrator or authorized user in the Post Editor Comments Tab.



    When a user submits a new comment on a Post, a predefined set of users can be notified about the event.

    Recipients for email notification can be set to:

    1. Owner
    2. Post Author
    3. An Email Address
    4. Any User with access to the article type.

    If the person among the receivers is a Publisher or Owner, they can publish the comments when Comment Moderation is enabled.

    You can see a list of who will receive an email notification in the Comments pane under Articles >  Article Type > Settings. See Creating Article Types for more information on enabling post comment notifications.

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