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Articles Checklist


    In order to publish articles, knowledge base, blogs, or any other type of posts, the Articles Module must first be configured. See Setting Up Modules before proceeding.

    • Creating Article Types

      Administrators can create new or edit existing Article Types. Article Types allow the grouping of long-form text documents. Article Types can be configured to allow information security, comments, sharing on social networks, or require user login to read. You can use article types to separate posts by topics for ease of access.

    • Managing Article Types

      Administrators and authorized users can create, edit or delete Article Types such as knowledge-base, FAQs, release notes, blogs or many other forms of posts. Administrators can also set approval steps to publish as well as subscription details such as frequency and alert type.

    • Sharing Article Types

      Administrators can set which users can view, comment, contribute, edit, and publish posts within that article type. Administrators can also set an article type to public on the web which will allow users to view specific content without signing in.

    • Creating Posts

      Authorized Users can create Posts to present long form text documents with customizable formatting that can be viewed by users and shared with other users via social sharing tool. Administrators can track the activity and popularity of a post to gain greater insight into the effectiveness of the shared content.

    • Creating Anchors In A Post

      Within the content of Posts, editors can create anchors for directing end users to specific sections of the content. For example, in the case of a particularly long post, the editor can have an Overview list of topics at the beginning of the post and each topic is configured as a link to that section in the content.

    • Managing Posts

      Administrators and Publishers can create, edit, or delete Posts. They can also configure the settings for Version Control and approve, deny, or revise posts before they are published. Administrators are also able to moderate comments and monitor post activity.

    • Article Lists

      Article Lists allow users to arrange groups of Article Types together.  Article Lists allow Posts from various Article Types to be aggregated on the same screen for easier browsing.

    • Post Categories

      Administrators can use Post Categories to group and categorize similar Posts.

    • Post Tagging

      Administrators can attach tags to group and categorize Posts.

    • Post Approvals

      Administrators can define Post Approval steps to ensure posts meet the highest quality and accuracy standards. Administrators can also set up automatic approval processes to streamline this process.

    • Post Comments

      Administrators and authorized users can moderate the comments submitted on Posts. Comments can be published, edited, deleted, or marked as spam.

    • Article Type Subscriptions

      Administrators can select whether users can subscribe to the posts within an article type. Administrators can also assign subscriptions to users and groups of users who have access to the Article Type.

    • Article Reporting

      Administrators can use the Reports Tab to monitor Article activity and create personalized reports.

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