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Magentrix Tabs Checklist


    • Creating Entity Tabs

      Administrators can create Entity Tabs that access Magentrix Entities or Salesforce Objects and the records found within.

    • Creating Web Tabs

      Administrators can create Web Tabs that embed external websites into iFrames within the portal. Web Tabs allow users to visit and access external sites without leaving the portal.

    • Creating Active Page Tabs

      Administrators can create Active Page Tabs that access Active Pages — customized webpages with advanced content.

    • Creating Link Tabs

      Administrators can create Link Tabs that access custom Magentrix portal URLs. These custom URLs can include Merge Fields to dynamically direct users to internal portal pages.

    • Adding and Enabling Tabs for Apps

      Tabs must be added to Apps and enabled for security roles for users to access Tabs.

    • Creating A Custom Tab Style

      Administrators can select a premade Tab Style or create a custom Tab Style.


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