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About Magentrix Integrations


    Magentrix is a customizable platform that can be used with external third-party applications or platforms to create a unified digital user experience. Though Magentrix can work as a standalone platform, users with existing systems or information on other platforms can integrate them with Magentrix through the use of APIs.

    Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics

    Magentrix supports importing and synchronization with both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. See their separate pages in the documentation for more information. See About Salesforce Integration and About Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration for more information.

    OAuth Support

    The Magentrix platform can be configured for OAuth, an open standard for authorization between applications. OAuth allows third-party applications using access tokens. Magentrix requires an OAuth Consumer Key and Consumer Secret to connect with third-party applications.

    Single Sign-On

    Magentrix supports Single Sign-On (SSO) utilizing SAML 2.0 protocol which allows users to authenticate with the Magentrix portal using an external site’s authentication system. Magentrix can also be set up to be an Identity Provider to authenticate external service providers. For more information, see About Single Sign-On.

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