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About Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration


    In addition to the Magentrix platform's native CRM functionality, Magentrix also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This integration allows Magentrix users to control their existing Dynamics CRM information through the Magentrix portal.

    Bidirectional Synchronization

    Once Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration is configured, Magentrix synchronizes bidirectionally with imported Dynamics CRM Entities. When a change is made to an imported Dynamics CRM Entity in Magentrix, the change is first written to the Dynamics CRM platform. Magentrix then confirms that the change has been made before updating imported instances of Dynamics CRM Entities. This ensures that information on both platforms remains consistent without the need for double entry.

    Scheduled Jobs

    After the initial import, Dynamics CRM Entities are managed through Scheduled Jobs. Scheduled Jobs control how frequently Magentrix connects with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to verify records, allowing you to optimize the number of API calls that Magentrix makes to Microsoft. See Scheduled Jobs for more information.

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Magentrix Entities

    After Microsoft Dynamics CRM Entities are imported, they are handled just like Magentrix Entities. See About Magentrix Entities for more information and Magentrix Entity Checklist for actions that can be performed by users.

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