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Magentrix Users Checklist


    • Creating and Enabling Users

      Administrators can create users to allow persons or businesses to access the portal. New users can be added to the portal or converted from an entry in the Contact Entity.

    • Configuring User Accounts

      Administrators can configure user accounts to change their username and security role, to include contact information, to associate the account with a Contact, or to specify their locale settings.

    • Changing and Resetting User Passwords

      Administrators can change user passwords or send users an email prompting a password change. Users can change their own user password as well.

    • Mass Creating Users with CSV Files

      The Magentrix platform allows administrators to create community users in bulk rather than individually.

    • Enabling User Self-Registration

      Administrators can allow visitors to the portal to register themselves as users. Enabling self-registration allows visitors to create their own user accounts rather than having to wait for administrators to add them to the portal. Depending on portal settings, self-registration can create a new Contact record or associate the created user with an existing Contact record.

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