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Custom Entity Fields Overview


    When managing your Entities, you have the ability to create and edit custom fields.

    The Custom Fields you can create are:

    Custom Field NameDescription
    Auto NumberA system-generated sequence number that uses a display format you define. The number is automatically incremented for each new record.
    FormulaA read-only field that derives its value from a formula expression you define. The formula field is updated when any of the source fields change.
    Rollup SummaryA read-only field that displays the sum, minimum, or maximum value of a field in a related list or the record count of all records listed in a related list.
    LookupCreates a relationship that links this entity to another entity. The relationship field allows users to click on a lookup icon to select a value from a popup list. The other object is the source of the values in the list.
    Master DetailCreates a special type of parent-child relationship between this entity (the child, or "detail") and another entity (the parent, or "master").
    CheckboxAllows users to select a True (checked) or False (unchecked) value.
    CurrencyAllows users to enter a dollar or other currency amount and automatically formats the field as a currency amount.
    DateAllows users to enter a date or pick a date from a popup calendar.
    DateTimeAllows users to enter a date and time, or pick a date from a popup calendar. When users click a date in the popup, that date and the current time are entered into the Date/Time field.
    EmailAllows users to enter an email address, which is validated to ensure proper format. If this field is specified for a contact or lead, users can choose the address when clicking Send an Email. Note that custom email addresses cannot be used for mass emails.
    Global PicklistAllows users to select a value from a pre-defined global list of values.
    Multi-Select PicklistAllows users to select multiple values from a list you define.
    NumberAllows users to enter any number. Leading zeros are removed.
    PasswordMasked text field
    PercentAllows users to enter a percentage number, for example, '10' and automatically adds the percent sign to the number.
    PhoneAllows users to enter any phone number. Automatically formats it as a phone number.
    PicklistAllows users to select a value from a list you define.
    TextAllows users to enter any combination of letters and numbers.
    TextAreaAllows users to enter up to 65000 characters on separate lines.
    TimeAllows users to select a time span value without its date portion.
    Allows users to enter any valid website address. When users click on the field, the URL will open in a separate browser window.

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