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Training Module Checklist


    Before users start using their learning management system, it should be configured by an administrator. See Managing General LMS Settings for more information.

    • Managing General LMS Settings 

      Administrators can set and control the default settings of their learning management system, such as reminders to users when they have a course due.

    • Configuring Training Module Permissions 

      Administrators must configure permissions for the training module by security role directly within the module. 

    • Creating Courses 

      Administrators must create and configure courses for users to take.

    • Creating Lessons

      Administrators can create course content in the form of lessons.

    • Creating Quizzes

      Once courses and their lessons have been created, users can create quizzes to test learners on the course content.

    • Managing Courses 

      Manage and add personalized images to courses.

    • Learning Paths

      Assign learners into training programs comprised of courses.

    • Adding a Course Certificate

      Choose from one of the provided templates or your own Word file to allow users to download a customized certificate once they pass the course.

    • Managing Users 

      Users can be assigned to courses by administrators. Users can also request courses, which must be approved by administrators.

    • Marking Quizzes

      Administrators must mark quizzes with free text questions.

    • Using Social Collaboration

      Users can comment on courses and administrators can communicate within themselves to collaborate on courses.

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