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Magentrix Security Roles Checklist


    • Creating and Cloning Security Roles

      Administrators can create new system roles or clone existing roles to configure the access users have to the portal. The System Roles provided by default on the Magentrix platform are not configured for portal users. Administrators must create and then customize security roles for their users. Administrators can clone security roles to copy all source security role permissions to the cloned security role.

    • Configuring Security Roles

      When created, security roles do not have any permissions for Entities, Tabs, Apps, or Active Pages/Classes. Administrators can configure permissions for these objects after creation.

    • Configuring Field Security and List Views for Entities

      Administrators can configure Field Security to restrict specified fields for certain security roles. Administrators can also configure List Views to allow or prevent specified security roles from creating or accessing List Views when viewing an Entity.

    • Assigning Record Types To Security Roles

      Administrators can specify which Record Types users in a Security Role have access to on different Entities.

    • Assigning Security Role to Users

      Security roles can be assigned during or after creation. Administrators can assign users with security roles to change the permissions that users have in the portal.


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