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About the MDF Module


    Magentrix’s Market Development Funds (MDF) module helps vendors distribute and process marketing funds for partner marketing initiatives and campaigns. Channel partners can easily submit MDF requests outlined with details such as campaign plans and expected costs. Channel managers can quickly review fund requests, campaign statuses, program participation, and expenses in an automated process to help quickly approve and allocate funds or reimbursements to partners and marketing campaigns. In addition to functionality, the approval and reimbursement process can be fully integrated with Salesforce.

    MDF Workflow

    The Magentrix MDF module is flexible and can be customized to an organization’s workflow.

    Here is the default MDF request workflow:

    1. Channel partner submits MDF request outlined with campaign plans, details, and amount of requested funding.
    2. Channel manager views MDF request and marketing activities and then updates each campaign status i.e. Approved, Rejected. Each approved campaign will have an automatic claim expiration date added and the manager optionally specifies the maximum percentage of the activity's expense reimbursement. The overall MDF request status is then updated i.e. Approved, Rejected, Declined.
    3. Partner views status update on the vendor's PRM portal. If the MDF request is rejected, the partner makes corrections and resubmit. Repeat steps 1 and 2. If MDF request is declined, the partner cannot resubmit the MDF request.
    4. If the MDF request is approved, partner lists expense claims into campaigns with supporting documents and receipts. If necessary, the partner makes changes and resubmits.
    5. Vendor views expense claims on Salesforce and approves or rejects the claims. Additional details can be added to give a rationale for rejection.
    6. Vendors keep track of expense reimbursements a claim management page. Vendors can select approved claims to be marked as fully reimbursed and provide a note of payment information. The total of all reimbursements will be displayed on the MDF request detail page.

    How to Get the MDF Module

    1. To get the MDF module, you must be on the Magentrix PRM Elite plan.
    2. Contact Magentrix Support and request the MDF module.
    3. Support will take you through the steps to set up the MDF module which may include installing an app package on Salesforce.

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