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    Magentrix's Help Documentation

    The following documents are provided to inform and instruct Magentrix platform general users on the basic functions available to them in their portal. Magentrix developers looking to explore Active Pages, Active Classes, and the RESTful API should read the Magentrix Developer Guide.


    Jump to the content you want to view using the links provided below. First time users are recommended to begin with Getting Started with Magentrix section to familiarize themselves with the basics behind Magentrix.



    Introduction to Magentrix

    General overview of the Magentrix platform.

    Setting Up Your Portal

    Quick checklist for administrators setting up their portal for the first time.



    Company Preferences

    Company Preferences are the general settings of your portal that manage how the portal appears and how users access the portal.


    Magentrix Entities are database tables that hold records for standard data such as Accounts and Contacts as well as any other custom data.

    Security Roles

    User access in the platform is controlled through security roles. A security role contains permissions and access settings that determine what users can do within the portal.

    User Management

    Manage the accounts, enable/disable users and access given to users to access the portal.

    App Management and Tab Management

    Navigation and access to the portal is handled through Magentrix Apps and Tabs.





    Modules Overview

    General information regarding Magentrix modules and module setup.


    The Articles module manages Articles which are long-form text documents in blog format.

    Documents Library

    The Documents Libray module stores and manages files uploaded to the portal.

    Community Forums

    The Community Forum module serves as a discussion board where portal users can ask questions or collaborate on subjects of interest.

    Social Collaboration

    The Social Collaboration module works with many aspects of the Magentrix platform to allow users to interact and collaborate in the portal.


    The Ideas module is a platform that allows portal users to share, review, and collaborate on ideas, suggestions, and feedback.

    Reports and Dashboards

    The Reports and Dashboards module allows users to generate tabular data and statistical graphics based on Entities within a portal.





    Salesforce Integration

    Import, refresh, use and integrate your Salesforce Objects in your Magentrix portal.


    Set up automated tasks, emails, and maintenance on your portal.

    Language Settings and Translation Studio

    Configure your Magentrix's multilingual capabilities,add new languages and translate your customizations.

    Single Sign-On (SSO)

    Enable users to log in using external authorization providers such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.

    System Status and System Event Logs

    Monitor your portal's storage and review all activity through these system reports.