How to access Email notification Log

    On this document you will find instructions on how to access and read your portal Email Notification section.


    The email notifications log is a feature available with your Magentrix subscription when your Portal email notification is managed by Magentrix SMTP server. This feature keeps a record of all emails sent by your Portal, including the date and time it was sent, the recipient's email address, the sender's email address and the subject line.

    This feature is useful for tracking the communication history between the portal and its users. It helps ensure that all communication is accurately recorded and allows Administrators to quickly and easily review past emails if necessary.

    The email notifications log can also be used to monitor the effectiveness of email campaigns or to troubleshoot email delivery issues. For example, if a customer reports that they did not receive an email from the portal, the email notifications log can be used to determine if the email was actually sent and to which email address.


    Please note that this feature is available for Portals where the email service is managed via Magentrix email server.


    Accessing your Portal Email Notifications


    In order to access your Portal email Notifications, please follow these steps:

    1. Once logged in your Magentrix portal as an Administrator, click on your name/avatar on the top right of the page. Click on Get Support


    2. Click on your Subscription name on the “Subscriptions” section. If you have more than one Magentrix Subscription, all the Subscriptions will be shown in this section.

    3. On the next page, you will have your Subscriptions details page, scroll down to the Email Notification tab. On the main page you will see the last 5 emails sent from your portal.
    Important items on this page:

    Subject: This field will show the subject of the email sent
    Status: Here you can see the status of the email sent. The status can be Delivered or Bounce
    Sender: This field will have your Portal email address
    Timestap: Date and time when you Portal sent the email
    Recipients: This field will contain the email address of the recipient.
    Show 5 more: This option will show 5 more Email notifications records
    Go to full list: This option will show the full list of Email notifications records

    When the email status is Bounce you will see 3 extra columns:

    Action: This will show the message failed confirming that the email was not received by the recipient
    Status: This field will show the failed message sub code
    Code: Here you can find the full SMTP Status code and a brief description of the error

    Details of Status Codes can be found on this link

    For further details regarding Bounced emails, please see this documentation, which outlines common email deliverability issues and how to resolve them.

    Please note that if you have a Magentrix Sandbox under your subscription, the Sandbox emails will be shown in the same list.

    Email notifications on the Reports module

    It is possible to add Email notifications as a report on your Portal. This report can be used if you need to filter email logs, such as Bounced emails.

    To activate this feature, please register a case with our Support requesting to enable "Email Logs" reports.
    The report will be available under Administrative Reports > Email Logs.

    You can find more information on how to create reports on this documentation.

    If you need any additional information regarding Email notifications, please contact our Support Team, by clicking on New Support Ticket in your Support Portal, or send an email to and we will be happy to assist.

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