Configuring Stripe as a Payout Vendor

    Create a new Stripe account

    1. Navigate to and login. 
    2. Create a new Stripe account for Magentrix by clicking on the top left of the dashboard and click New account.
    3. In Account name, enter an account name, e.g. “Magentrix”. In Country of Operation, select your country. Then click Create account.
    4. You will next need to select the correct Stripe product. In Explore, select Run a platform or marketplace and then click Get started with Connect.
    5. Next, you will need to verify your business account and add banking details. 

    Connect the Stripe account to Magentrix

    1. Navigate to and login. 
    2. Select the app that will be connected to Magentrix.
    3. Click Developers and select the API Keys tab. Under the Standard keys pane will be the Publishable key and Secret key.
    4. In Magentrix, navigate to Setup > Extend > Connected Apps and click New.
    5. Select API Provider and click Next. Then select Basic and click Next.
    6. Enter the provided fields:
      • Name: Enter an app name, e.g. “Stripe”.
      • Service URL: Enter “”.
      • Username: Enter the email of the Stripe account.
      • Password: Enter the Stripe account’s Publishable key.
      • Security Token: Enter the Stripe account’s Secret key.
    7. Click Save.
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