Do I Need To Whitelist Magentrix's IP Ranges?

    In a world where network security is becoming more and more critical, we understand that sometimes the needs of a client's corporate network require additional restrictions that may result in traffic going to or from the Magentrix platform being blocked inadvertently.

    At Magentrix, security is of the utmost importance for us as well. Because of this, we share the list of IP ranges our platform runs on so that a client's IT team can whitelist them for access within their networks if necessary.

    IP whitelisting is one of the most effective methods to help prevent any internet traffic intended for Magentrix from being hijacked or rerouted to a rogue website. IP whitelisting can occur at several different points in your organization's network, but the most common place is the firewall.

    For most clients whitelisting is not necessary. Periodically a client will report to us that they have network restrictions, or that certain users are having trouble accessing the site from the office network. To resolve that and prevent further issues, we will ask you to have your organization's IT team to whitelist the following IP ranges: 

    Magentrix Public IP Addresses

    The Network Engineering team recommends that customers whitelist the following IP ranges:

    [ to]
    [ to]

    API Integrations

    API Integrations use the same set of IP ranges as the Magentrix platform service. Please use the above IP ranges to whitelist API Integrations.

    We may occasionally add to or modify the list of IP addresses listed above, so it is important for Magentrix administrators to pay attention to System Change Notifications and refer to this Article to view an updated list of Magentrix platform IPs.

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