FAQs: Deleting Document Folders (Recreating With The Same Name Returns Error “A Folder with the same already exists.”)

    When working with Document folders, it often happens that a user will delete a folder by mistake and then create a new one with the same name. In Magentrix, if the recreation is done without first deleting the original folder from the Recycle Bin, the following error is seen: “A Folder with the same already exists.

    The reason the folders are moved to the Recycle Bin rather than deleted outright is primarily for the case of accidental deletion - removing a folder that you did not intend to, which contained important documents. The Recycle Bin function allows for its recovery.

    To resolve this, navigate to Setup; Manage > Recycle Bin, and then click Del for the folder you want to recreate or Restore if it was mistakenly deleted.


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