FAQs: Why are some Salesforce case comments not visible in Magentrix for certain users?

    Question: A Portal user cannot view the case comments that were added to the case within Salesforce. However, when logged in as an Administrator user, the comments are visible.

    Answer: In Magentrix, case comments have an attribute called IsPublished in the database, which records whether or not the comment is marked as Private in Salesforce.

    If the comment is marked as Private in Salesforce, the IsPublished attribute in Magentrix will be false, so Magentrix will hide it for all non-administrator users. For security reasons, we do not show private comments to users that are not Administrators, because a private comment is not meant to be shown to clients.

    If the comment needs to be visible to non-administrator users, unset the Private setting in Salesforce and the comment will then be visible after the next time Magentrix auto-syncs with Salesforce.

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