FAQs: How do notifications work when posting messages on the Home page?

    Listed below are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding Home page posts and their associated notifications.

    • Question: When I post comments on the Home page, it is not sending out a notification. How do I ensure notifications are sent to a particular person or group of people?
      • Answer: When you are sending a message from the Home page, in order for the notification to reach a specific person, you must mention the person using the "@" symbol followed by their name.  When you post messages to a group, anyone who is a member of that group will receive the notification. You can additionally mention groups in a post using the "#" symbol followed by the group name.
    • Question: Is it possible to send out regular bulletins automatically, for example, a daily digest, that notifies users when posted?
      • Answer: When you post to a group or mention someone or a group in a message using "@" (used for mentioning users) or "#" (used for mentioning groups), notifications are sent instantly. For digests to be sent, recipient users must set their notification frequency settings in My Settings to either Daily or Weekly.
    • Question: Posting to a group sends notifications to all active users in the group, but what about inactive users?
      • Answer: Inactive users do not receive any notifications.
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